Maventa for partners

Maventa e-invoicing has become Nordics leading e-invoicing service. Join our partner network! We offer software companies an easy-to-use, well-documented API and a commercially interesting cooperation model. We continuously develop and maintain our e-invoicing network and are always interested in new cooperation opportunities.

Stand out with a comprehensive package

Invoice forwarding is a business critical process for your customers, and they do not want to compromise its functionality. By integrating Maventa as a part of your service offering, you can deepen the customer relationship and offer a comprehensive service. A more extensive service offering enables your customer to purchase the whole order-supply or purchase-payment process from one single provider – you. Your customer will need fewer suppliers and integrations.

Increase the value of your company without fixed costs

Do not bind resources needlessly to developing, producing and maintaining invoice forwarding and customer support. Outsource the technology and the operative work to Maventa and focus on serving your existing customers and attracting new ones.

Maventa provides such obvious benefits, that we have even stayed a bit quiet about it, so that not everyone will rush to use it simultaneously.

Jarmo Kähkönen, Ecom.

Service level

We help you to find the most appropriate service level for your company, taking account of how integral a part of your brand you want to make Maventa.

1. E-invoicing as a part of your offering

The easiest way for you to benefit from Maventa is by integrating it as a part of your own product and service. Maventa takes care of the whole service production, and your end customers see Maventa as their E-invoicing operator. Increase the value of your company by increasing recurring revenue while simultaneously helping your customers by offering them an easier comprehensive solution.

2. E-invoicing as a technology

Would you like e-invoicing to be an integral part of the service you offer, but maintaining the service and keeping up with the rapidly developing field requires continuous investments? With Maventa, you can offer your customers a leading e- invoicing platform. The advanced self-service features make it possible for the e-invoicing service to operate efficiently. You can use leading e-invoice technology without needing to do your own product development. You can ensure a seamless customer experience and maintain control of your own customers. Your customer service receives the tools to manage and maintain customer relationships.

3. Outsourcing the e-invoicing service

Offer your customers your own invoice forwarding service, and outsource the technology and production of the service to Maventa. You can offer e-invoicing and electronic document forwarding to your customers seamlessly as a service without your own personnel resources or product development. Your customers can purchase a business critical part of the financial management process from your company.