Maventa e-invoicing

Maventa is a user friendly e-invoicing service suitable for SME’s to multinational corporations. Maventa can be connected into existing ERP-system or used as a separate internet based software. Start using in 15 minutes with no opening or monthly fees.

Over 176 000 companies trust in Maventa

Save Time and Money with Maventa

Maventa e-invoicing software is an easy and reliable way to create efficiency and savings with e-invoicing. To provide scalable and user friendly services, Maventa can be connected into the existing ERP-system or used as an independent e-invoicing software. As a trusted partner, Maventa’s technology is available in over 50 ERP-systems.

Secure Shipping

With Maventa you can be certain the invoice reaches the recipient. In case of situations where e-invoicing is not possible, Maventa will send the invoice via e-mail or regular mail. The invoices will arrive to the recipient despite the destination location.

Create Savings

Compared to the paper bill, e-invoice is 64% cheaper for sender and 59% for the recipient. In euros, the amount is 17,80€ per invoice. Also, the nature will thank you by not using paper. The Co2 emissions of e-invoice are only one third compared to paper invoice.

Improve Efficiency

Stop using your time for organizing invoicing when Maventa can manage the invoicing for you. Automation is a key to efficiency. Besides receiving and sending e-invoices, additional services including ledger tracking and PDF printing are available for Maventa users.

Pay Only for Use

Our simple pricing model enables you to reduce invoicing costs. There are no fixed costs, opening fees or annual payments since you only pay for the use. The use is dependent on the amount of invoices you sent out with Maventa. Save money, be efficient, avoid mistakes and reduce Co2 emissions with us!


Sending and receiving an
e-invoice 0,70 €

Paper invoice:
Priority 2,77 €
Economy 1,93 €

Scanning: 1,32 €


Sending and receiving
an e-invoice 0,42 €

Paper invoice:
Priority 2,73 €
Economy 1,88 €

Scanning: 1,22 €


Sending and receiving
an e-invoice 0,36 €

Paper invoice:
Priority 2,68 €
Economy 1,83 €

Scanning: 1,11 €


Sending and receiving
an e-invoice 0,33 €

Paper invoice:
Priority 2,63 €
Economy 1,78 €

Scanning: 0,97 €


Sending and receiving
an e-invoice 0,29 €

Paper invoice:
Priority 2,52 €
Economy 1,61 €

Scanning: 0,92 €

1. The price of scanning includes the first page of the invoice. Extra pages €0.21/page

2. The paper invoice includes printing out one page, an envelope and mailing. Extra pages €0.23/page

3. Outside Finland: Priority Europe €2,47 and Priority World €2,73. Extra pages €0.32/page

Expert work cost is €120 /h (minimum €60.00 / 30 min). The customer will always be informed beforehand about the start of expert work.
Expert work will be billed in monthly billing.

All prices are subject to VAT.

Note, that our price list will be updated on April 1st, 2024. You can find the new price list in this link.

More than 2,000 invoiced per month?

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Customer Support

Questions, problems, challenges? Our extensive customer support is here to help you.

Support Request

Request for support by sending a message straight to the Maventa Product Specialists in our Customer Service.

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Customer Service

Chat is open from Monday to Friday between 9-11am and 12-14pm.
Phone is open from Monday to Thursday between 9-11am (Friday closed).

Phone: +35810-5058474
(8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/min)

E-mail: [email protected]

For Partners – Maventa API Interface

Maventa offers a great possibility to exceed your service package by integrating Maventa e-invoicing into your software. Do not use resources for invoicing R&D, organizing and customer service. By outsourcing invoicing technology and/or operations to Maventa, you can focus on your core activities, customers and customer acquisition.

  • User friendly and well documented API interface
  • Interesting business models for cooperation
  • Tailorable e-invoicing according to your needs

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