Personal Data Extract

1. Personal Data Extract

Personal Data Extract (Rekisteriseloste) in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act

2. Registrar

Visma Solutions Oy (Business ID 1967543-8) (“Maventa” or ”We”)
Veturitie 11 T 141
00520 Helsinki

[email protected]

3. Name of the register

Maventa user register.

4. Purpose of the register

Through the Maventa website (“Site”) Maventa provides certain services (“Service”) such as invoicing services to users of the site which mean transmitting of electronic invoices from and to users of the Site (“Invoicing Service”). In addition, third party applications (“Applications”) may be interfaced with Services.

Therefore, the data processing may be necessary in order to perform a contract to which the data subject is a party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject before entering into a contract; or there is a relevant connection between the data subject and the operations of the controller, based on the data subject being a client or member of the controller or on a comparable relationship between the two; or the processing is necessary for purposes of payment traffic, computing or other comparable tasks undertaken on the assignment of the user.

5. Source of information

From users when they register to the Site. Information in accordance with the use of the Site, Surveys, Services and Site as outlined in Section 7. All information is processed subject to user’s consent.

6. Data in the register and use and disclosure of the data

Information given or updated by user such as:

(a) Identification data of the user: Company name, address and other contact information of the entity, field of operations, size and international scope of invoicing, and other profiling information on the entity such as products and services offered by entity, and name and contact information, such as telephone and e-mail address of user’s contact person(s);

(b) Profile information: age, sex, and country of residence of user’s contact person(s);

(c) Banking and payment information such as credit card information, account number, SWIFT and IBAN codes and other codes used by user to use the Site, Services and/or Applications through the Site, for the purpose for Maventa or third party on behalf of Maventa or other third parties who may charge user in accordance with user’s agreement with Maventa for user’s use of the Services, Applications or other use of the Site for a fee. For the purposes of such third parties’ invoicing Maventa may disclose to such third parties information and data from user’s usage of the Services, Applications or other use of the Site for a fee.

Information on the submitted invoices needed for Maventa to technically provide the Invoicing Service such as identification of the sender and recipient of the invoice and any binary or arbitrary files attached to the invoices and related technical information such as traffic data (data processed for the purpose of the conveyance of communications relating to the billing, such as the destination of the invoice, the origin of incoming invoices and any technical data in connection with any of incoming or outgoing invoices). The information registered about user to the register of the Site may be used by Maventa to transmit invoices from user and to user.

Information given in surveys by user. Information regarding user’s use of Site and the Services (log and web statistics information and IP addresses and information derived from use of cookies) to help Us to improve the Site and the quality, functionality, pricing and terms of the Services and correct errors on the Site and Services. Such results of the surveys and users’ use of the Site and Services may be used by Us to profile survey participants and users in order for Us to identify groups of interest (profile information). Such profile information identifying the participant or user will not be disclosed to third parties on individual basis i.e. the participant or user will not be identified, but Maventa may on behalf of itself or certain third parties (subject to user’s consent) deliver or display messages such as information on Services or the third parties’ products or services to user. Also, selected anonymous comments of the survey participants may be disclosed.

7. Disclosure of the data to other third parties

The information processed by Us in accordance with these terms may be disclosed to and operated by Our third party contractors to technically operate the Site or provide technical subcontracting in the provision of the Services, such as third party certificate authorities used in crypting and digital signatures with regard the invoices.

Subject to user’s explicit consent data may be transferred out of the territory of the member states of EU or the EEA.

Subject to user’s consent certain third parties and Maventa may use the information for the purpose of submitting direct marketing to user, by electronic means such as e-mail, sms, multimedia message or telefax, and by other than electronic means, such as in printed format such as letter, and by contacting user by telephone. Also We may forward such direct marketing to user on behalf of such certain third parties.

User gives explicit consent that We may display user’s basic information defined in Section 7.1 a) and b) to other Maventa Members.

We may process and store user’s own content, for the purposes of providing the Services and user’s authorized use of the Site, but We will not disclose or use such content to other parties or use it unless explicitly consented by user or unless needed for purposes of Section 8.8.

User gives explicit consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act 11 §, to Maventa and its third party contractors (who may process the data in accordance with the Section 8.1 of this document) for the purposes of Services to user.

Users of the Site may submit appropriate and reasoned opinions visible on the Site on the other users of the Site.

We may disclose or use registration information, content of user, or information or data related to users’ use of the Services or Site to the extent We need to enforce the terms of the relevant user agreement, at the request or order of court or a governmental or regulatory body or for other lawful purposes.

8. Protection of data

The data is protected using appropriate data protection means, such as concerning equipment and Maventa’s own network connection equipment and software programs, administrative means and training of employees. The data is accessible only by the named personnel who have need to know the data for the purposes of the agreement between Maventa and user, and such access is protected by passwords.